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The best wealth is health

Laughing is good for the heart and can increase blood flow by 20 percent.

Always look on the bright side: being an optimist can help you live longer.

Learning a new language or playing a musical instrument boost your brain.


Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.

Anne Wilson Schaef


There’s nothing more important

than our good health –

that’s our principal capital asset.

Arlen Specter

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Common Health Issues That College Freshmen Face

Your first year at university can be one of the most amazing years of your life. The things you’ll learn, the people you’ll meet, the experience can be unforgettable. However, you want your first time at college to be unforgettable for all the right reasons and that means avoiding some of the very real obstacles and risks that every freshman must deal with when it comes to health and safety. There are some pressing college health issues that every student will encounter in their four years at school, but these dangers are more acute for incoming freshmen who can sometimes have a tough time acclimating to life on campus.

How Kratom Can Increase Relaxation and Feelings of Well-being

Stress – A Global Epidemic

Almost everyone today is juggling with more than we can handle. From social responsibilities to financial, familial, career-related; we can all relate with situations where we tried to stretch our limits and we all know the consequences.

Some amount of stress is good because it keeps us motivated and going. But, chronic stress can be deadly. When left unchecked for a long time, it can lead to serious health issues. It can lead to neurological, behavioral, physical, and cognitive problems.

Negative Effects of Unchecked Stress

Chronic stress can lead to hypertension, chest pain, headaches, stomach issues, disturbed sleep and so much more.

At some point, stress and anxiety can accumulate in our bodies and organs. It’s at that point when we feel anxious even when there’s no reason to. This is when most people resort to sleeping aid and ‘mood elevators’ which are often loaded with chemicals which is why they are not the best option.

Instead of resorting to pharma aid, it’s always best to pick a natural route.

Few common ways in which people beat stress are –

  • Drinking hot beverages and green teas
  • Drinking warm soups
  • Exercise
  • Laughter therapy
  • Massages
  • Medication
  • Yoga

Some even subscribe to the CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Biofeedback Therapy as a way to recognize and keep their anxiety and stress patterns in check.

In this post, we will talk about a very special herb that is in the news lately, a lot! We are talking about kratom.

What is Kratom and What is its Role in Beating Stress

The scientific name for kratom is – Mitragyna Speciosa. It hails from Southeast Asia. Kratom grows naturally in the marshy regions of countries like the Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Bali, Papua New Guinea, etc.

Historically, kratom has a special place among the natives of these countries who would use it in the form of leaves, powder, and tea. It helped them stay energized for physically and mentally demanding jobs. It also helped them naturally manage pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress.

While in the US, kratom has gained popularity mostly for managing pain naturally, it does play a big role in keeping stress and anxiety levels at bay.

Anxiety and stress can increase inflammation and more inflammation can increase the sensations of pain.

We can see how stress and anxiety are tied together.

Thankfully, we get kratom (among other herbal supplements) to fight chronic stress, fatigue, and anxiety so you can start living your life stress-free and to the fullest.

How Does Kratom Beat Stress?

While there are some studies devoted to understanding how kratom behaves and interacts in the human body, the herb is still largely a mystery.

However, studies so far have attributed the healing and therapeutic effects of kratom (including its de-stressing effects) to a bunch of alkaloids. Hydroxymitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are thought to be two of the most potent alkaloids in this regard.

These alkaloids are thought to interact with brain receptors in a way that produces ‘serotonin’ and other happiness hormones. It thus induces feelings of relaxation.

Many consume kratom as it helps them beat anxiety and makes them more social.

If you’re prone to feeling more stressed than others, you may notice kratom’s relaxing effects more than a regular user.

How to Consume Kratom?

You can buy kratom in a variety of forms – powder, leaves, capsules, and extracts. To explore these products, you can check out kratom crazy red kali, an online kratom store.

The most popular way so far is to take your dose and wash it down with water. It’s as simple as that. You can also use leaves and powder for making tea as well.

Capsules are taken in the same way as powder.

Word of CautionDifferent kratom products may vary in strength so tread carefully. Also, kratom dosage should always be checked accurately otherwise you may end-up overdosing. If you’re a beginner, start with 3 grams of dose and nothing more. Closely observe how it makes you feel and slowly increase it by 1 gram till you figure out the ‘right’ dose that works for you.

Other Herbs that May be helpful in Relaxation

Other than kratom, you can also try a bunch of other supplements and herbs to lower stress and anxiety.

Some of the most effective ones are –

  • Omega-3 fatty acids: These are medically studied to greatly reduce symptoms of anxiety.
  • Lemon balm: This is part of the mint family which has been well studied for showing anti-anxiety effects.
  • Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha is an Indian herb used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is super powerful in treating stress and anxiety. Several studies have established Ashwagandha’s anti-anxiety properties.
  • Green Tea: This popular hot beverage is loaded with polyphenol antioxidants. Many drink green teas for inducing calmness and relaxation.
  • Valerian Root: This is a powerful herbal sleeping aid that has tranquilizing effects. It contains valerenic acid, which alters GABA receptors to bring down stress and anxiety levels.
  • Kava kava: This herb belongs to the pepper family. In the South Pacific, people would use it for its sedating effects. Over the years, kava kava has found a place in Europe and the US to manage mild cases of anxiety and stress.

Be careful while consuming any of these herbs; especially if you’re on some medication or are pregnant. They may interact with some medication and may lead to unpredictable side-effects.

It’s always best to talk to your physician first.

5 Promising College Majors in Health and Fitness

Every few years, there are a few fields that explode with a bevy of jobs and a flow of demand. Right now, the health and fitness field is start to weigh on the job market levees – in a few years that levee will break and the ration of jobs to openings will be drastically skewed. This is why you may want to get your degree now. Once you graduate, you will be in the perfect position for one of these jobs. In this field, there are a lot of options. You can work directly with people, or you can stick behind in the lab. Whatever the case is, with a health and fitness degree you will be in the position to help humanity in profound ways.

Here are five promising majors in health and fitness. 

  1. Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the study of movement – particularly the way the body moves. With a degree in this field, you can go into the industry of in-depth exercise practice, like yoga, Pilates, or Gyrotonics. If you want to work at a Pilates center, your degree in kinesiology will give you a unique insight into the way your customers’ bodies work. Who knows, maybe one day you can be your own boss.

  1. Exercise Science

If you want to focus on exercise more specifically – not just the Eastern exercise fields, but also new trends in exercise, you may want to get your exercise science degree. With this degree, you will be an innovator in the exercise fields. With the rise of peoples’ interest in exercising, getting your degree now will give you the unique opportunity to have plenty of jobs waiting for you when you graduate from college.

  1. Rehabilitation Specialist

In many hospitals, there is a lack of quality rehabilitation specialists. These specialists are needed to get people back on their feet after injuries or catastrophic accidents. For instance, if someone was injured in an automobile crash, it may be your job to work with this individual to strengthen their muscles again, with the hopes that they can walk again or have normal mobility. As a rehabilitation specialist, you will be confronted with your fair share of challenges, but it will be worth it.

  1. Pediatrics

If you love working with kids, you may want to think of entering the pediatrics field. In pediatrics, you will either work as a doctor or you may work in the research field discovering cures for diseases that affect children. To get your degree in this field, you may want to explore degree programs from online or another college that can allow you the opportunity to build a foundation for your future career in pediatrics. 

  1. Health Informatics

On top of everything, you could enter the hospital setting without needing a medical degree. Indeed, if you are good at computers, you could get your health informatics degree, which will allow you the opportunity to work in the technology aspect of the health field. In the end, this can be just as exciting have had a medical degree.

Choosing A Family Dentist: 5 Factors to Consider

For those of you trying to find a dentist in your area, there are many factors to consider. Five, in fact, that must be taken into account as you look for a family dentist that caters to the needs of adults and children alike.

5 Tips to Help Seniors Keep Their Medication Straight

When it comes to top notch senior care in Delray Beach, FL, the concern over prescription medication needs to be at the forefront of any smart and responsible healthcare strategy. Senior citizens are prescribed an average of three different medications at any time and this can make it tough to keep track of which ones need to be taken when.

Different Reasons To Consider Elderly Companion Care

Seniors who are living by themselves may need some help from time to time. Quality In Home Senior Care can be tough to come by because sometimes it’s difficult to determine the best kind of assistance necessary for an elderly adult’s needs. Every senior is different, some are entirely self-sufficient and just need a little companionship because they live far from loved ones, others might need some greater level of assistance in preparing meals, running a few errands, and maintaining their home.

7 Things that Fit People Do Differently

Maintaining proper nutrition when we are super busy, super stressed, with too many things in mind, always in a rush, without ever a moment for ourselves is not very easy.

If you too find yourself in this situation, I bet you tend not to pay enough time and attention to your eating habits.

What does a “balanced diet” actually mean?

Every day we hear about having a balanced diet but what does that actually incorporate and is it possible?

According to the NHS a healthy, balanced diet is “eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions, and consuming the right amount of food and drink to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.”

The Top Rules for Helping Your Child Receive an Athletic Scholarship

If you are a parent with a child who is looking to win a scholarship to further their studies, you are probably well aware that the recruiting process is a package that is full of anxiety, exhilaration, endurance, discipline, and patience. For many parents, they have started preparing their child for this moment since the first time they enrolled their child in a youth football, basketball, rugby, or tennis league. The money, sweat, and time they have invested over the years can make a mom or dad feel as though they are also applying for a scholarship.

Morning, afternoon or evening: When is it better to workout?

Endless hours in the gym without result, critical areas that leave us no respite and wasted subscriptions in the gym? Try to change your workout times and over time, the positive effects of your fitness activity will be truly visible to everyone.

How to start a diet and successfully complete it

How to start a diet? This is the question that usually arises when deciding to lose weight. Changing eating habits and lifestyles requires commitment and dedication. You cannot suddenly decide to upset everything if you are not psychologically ready to face a diet first.

10 tips to go on a diet and start losing weight

Let’s make it clear that the perfect recipe for weight loss does not exist! This small handbook simply collects a series of useful tips and indications for those who start a diet to try to carry it out successfully, but more generally to be more aware of their diet, to improve their relationship with food and learn to eat healthy, so as to maintain a healthy weight and not gain weight!

4 Top Tips for Flying with an Elderly Relative

Travel can be one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of a lifetime, whether it’s to explore parts of the world that you’ve never been to before or to see friends and relatives who have moved away. However, traveling with an elderly loved one for any reason often means facing challenges that simply aren’t there when traveling alone. If you have a trip planned with a senior loved one, whether it’s a vacation, visit, or a big move, the key to success is knowing what to expect and being prepared. We’ve put together some top tips to help you have a smooth trip.

The Best Foods For Good Eyesight

There are many different types of foods that you can consume which can help you to transform your overall eye-sight and allow you to shield your eyesight from worsening too soon. In the harsh reality of life, when you grow older, every one of the muscles in the human body is set to become weakened and your eye muscles are not any exception! This could end up in you developing ambiguous eye sight or having issues seeing well. It is easy to develop nearsightedness, far sightedness, cataracts, glaucoma and even a variety of other sight difficulties.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Personal Trainer

A superb personal trainer will let you obtain your health and fitness goals, while far above your expectations as you go along. A bad trainer can merely certainly be a big spend of your study time in addition to money. The need for fitness instructors has routinely been rising during the last a few years and with that therefore has supply.

How to Spend the Holidays With Friends and Family

The last post was all about how to cope with being alone for the holidays. Yet if you have the opposite, you know all too well that it can be just as stressful to spend a holiday with friends and family. It’s a challenge for the average anxiety sufferer since you often must travel out of the comfort zone of your own home and into someone else’s or at an entertainment venue. There are a few things to keep in mind when it’s time to get in touch with friends and family for the holidays.

All about Social Anxiety

Those who are currently struggling with social anxiety will want to know as much as possible about it, because the more you know the more you will be able to help yourself deal with this problem that can be crippling for some. Social anxiety is without a doubt one of the more common mental health problems that people all over the country experience on a regular basis. Some people with this disorder react to being in large crowded places with a lot of people and others have problems dealing with being by themselves.

Caregiver 2020 competition

Designers tackle the challenge of creating scrubs for the 21st Century

Nurses experience more traumatic events in a week than most people will see in a lifetime.  With the rapid growth of the aging population and shortage of caregivers, nurses are increasingly being asked to do more, with less.

Patient Room 2020

A collaborative project to design a next generation inpatient health experience.

What would a patient room look like if the architecture, products, technology, and medical processes were all designed in unison? With support from the Department of Defense, NXT partnered with Clemson University’s Healthcare + Architecture Graduate Program to begin answering this question.

Patient room 2020 prototype

A conceptual installation to create a vision for 21st Century patient care.

Patient Room 2020 is a collaborative design for a next-generation inpatient care environment the strives to improve patient experiences and optimize caregiver performance. Patient Room 2020 provides a platform for design professionals to collaborate with industry partners, healthcare providers and thought leaders in order to generate comprehensive design solutions.