Author: George

Usually, new hairs are born and fall out, about 100 hairs a day, due to the life cycle of our follicles. Hair cycles are the same for all hair. But they can be altered by external factors that cause or favor hair loss such as poor nutrition. Times of stress, or, in the case of women, hormonal changes. Such as those produced after pregnancy or during menopause. Therefore, it is important that you know how to prevent hair loss.

Physical exercise and nutrition are two of the basic pillars to maintain a healthy life. It's not about following a diet or an exercise routine for a couple of months. It's about building wellness habits for disease prevention and health promotion. Although there are innumerable ways to be healthy, by following these 5 tips, with a little effort and promoting good habits, you can have physical fulfillment.

Junk food is also known as fast food. We all know that it is harmful, and we know that we should not eat it. But we cannot deny that we feel like it from time to time. And it is that junk food has something that makes us go crazy. We don't know if it's meat, sauces, fried foods... Junk food drives us crazy, even the most careful with food, and it's hard for us to give it up every week. But at World Health Design we want to help you learn about the disadvantages of junk food: and how it affects our health.

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) in an article on the aging of the population highlights that "healthy aging begins with healthy habits in earlier phases of life", these habits include diet, physical activity, or exposure to health risks. Certainly from a certain age, we must begin to take into account certain factors to age well that we could relativize before.