Disadvantages of junk food – how it affects our health

Avoid junk food

Disadvantages of junk food – how it affects our health

Junk food is also known as fast food. We all know that it is harmful, and we know that we should not eat it. But we cannot deny that we feel like it from time to time. And it is that junk food has something that makes us go crazy. We don’t know if it’s meat, sauces, fried foods… Junk food drives us crazy, even the most careful with food, and it’s hard for us to give it up every week. But at World Health Design we want to help you learn about the disadvantages of junk food: and how it affects our health.

So, if you are willing to listen to everything we are going to explain to leave junk food behind, keep reading this article. You can find everything you need in this post. Hopefully, it will serve as the last push to get rid of junk food.

Disadvantages Of Junk Food

Junk food is harmful

How can a hamburger prepared in an establishment be so harmful? To show you what a simple hamburger can be, we are going to divide the hamburger into parts and, thus, see the origin of everything. Let’s find out the disadvantages of junk food.


Bread is usually not very elaborate or complicated to make, but it is often filled with artificial preservatives. In addition, these bread are frozen so that they last longer without expiring. When they thaw, they get soggy and become a perfect place for bread to harbor bacteria.


Used vegetables are fertilized with chemicals to make them grow faster. In addition, they are sprayed with pesticides to keep bugs away. They do not go away with the water but grow with the vegetables.


There is so much demand for meat that farmers have to fatten cattle, chickens, or pigs so that they grow faster. They are full of antibiotics and growth hormones. Those hormones pass into the meat and we eat those same hormones. Why else are children growing so tall and so tall?


Oils and trans fats are used that raise cholesterol and cause you to accumulate more fat in your body. It has also been proven that hydrogenated oils and other types from seeds that have been altered can predispose us to cancer. In addition, they are cooked on more remains of meat and burnt fat. And while burnt fat is horrible, leftover meat and raw meat in contact lead to cross-contamination.


Full of sugars, preservatives, and artificial flavors.

Surprise element

You can’t compare its taste with a natural hamburger, but surprise! We become addicted. The more times we go, the more we want.

I hope you understand why we insist on a healthier and more natural diet. In this way, we do not overload our bodies with toxins. Also, taste is very important. When you try something pre-cooked and compare it to something natural, the hamburger that is prepared from scratch and with natural ingredients is a thousand times better.

How Does Junk Food Affect Our Health?

Surely you don’t want the hamburger so much anymore. But just in case, let’s take a look at how junk food affects our health. We will see how all these compounds affect our bodies.

  • Problems during learning and with memory.
  • Not having essential nutrients for the body, can cause depression in young people.
  • We may be full, but it doesn’t give energy. It brings a lot of weakness.
  • Digestive problems appear because the body cannot digest these highly processed foods well.
  • It has a lot of fats and sugars. It predisposes you to cardiovascular problems.
  • Kidney problems if abused, as the kidneys cannot get rid of as much toxic material.
  • It affects the liver. When the liver stops working properly, fat begins to accumulate.
  • Risk of cancer due to the number of chemicals that are spilled.
  • It can cause type 2 diabetes, due to fats and sugars.
  • It increases the risk of suffering from dementia because the levels of insulin in the brain are lowered.

This is true that junk food is delicious, but we cannot ignore the disadvantages it has for our health. And much less, how it affects our health. You cannot compare the nutritional value of a hamburger prepared from scratch and with natural ingredients, with the one that we buy in a fast food establishment. The taste is not remotely similar, let alone the texture. If you want to do your health a favor, stay away from them and bet on their healthier version.

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