How to avoid or prevent hair loss: essential tips

Tips to prevent hair loss

How to avoid or prevent hair loss: essential tips

Usually, new hairs are born and fall out, about 100 hairs a day, due to the life cycle of our follicles. Hair cycles are the same for all hair. But they can be altered by external factors that cause or favor hair loss such as poor nutrition. Times of stress, or, in the case of women, hormonal changes. Such as those produced after pregnancy or during menopause. Therefore, it is important that you know how to prevent hair loss.

There are many types of hair and each one has its own characteristics. Therefore, there is no general solution, but one specific to each type. The key is to take care of our hair, inform ourselves about the subject, and know the possible symptoms to be able to act if necessary. Also, it is important to collect information and ignore popular myths.

Check our website for all the doubts you have. In it, you can find a lot of information to prevent hair loss. You can also find out about the latest developments in hair treatments and discover which is the one that best suits you. Being aware of the problem and wanting to act is the first step.

8 tips to prevent hair loss

The Tips Apply To Both Men And Women

Maintain proper hair hygiene

It is advisable to wash the hair frequently using quality shampoos and according to the hair type. It is important to wash your hair delicately and avoid falling into typical harmful habits, for example:

Do not untangle damp hair

It’s best to detangle your hair before washing it in the shower as wet hair is much weaker.

Do not rub the scalp insistently with your fingers

The belief that complete cleansing is achieved is wrong. The shampoo should be distributed gently and rubbed with the palms of the hands for 3 or 4 minutes, then massage the ends. It is advisable to wet the hair so that it forms a foam, this makes the rubbing not so aggressive.

Hair should not be rinsed with hot water

It is preferable to use cold water so as not to weaken the hair.

Use specialized hair care products

As conditioners, and lotions to strengthen hair.

Follow a balanced diet

Thanks to it we obtain all the necessary nutrients for the health of our hair.

Brush hair

This stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp thanks to the massage that we carry out with the bristles of the brush.

Use hair dryers and straighteners sparingly

To prevent and avoid hair loss due to excess dandruff, oil, or the presence of itching, you can start with hygiene treatments. At Svenson, you will not only find specialists who will advise you, but you also have a range of specialized products to take care of your hair and prevent hair loss.

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Detect The Symptoms To Prevent Hair Loss

The most important thing is to know how to detect the symptoms in order to react in time.

When you begin to notice them, it is advisable to go to a specialist to find out the condition of your hair and the appropriate treatment for your characteristics. You can go to any Svenson center where our specialists will carry out a personalized hair diagnosis free of charge and without any commitment.

If you already have a precise diagnosis of the condition of your hair, it is best to start with appropriate treatment for your problem. If you have any questions, consult the hair specialists who will be the ones who best inform you about the appropriate treatments for each case.

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