8 infusions to fight the cold

fight the cold

8 infusions to fight the cold

As soon as the weather starts to change, people start to get the flu. This common disease differs from the cold by having longer-lasting symptoms, including joint pain, nasal congestion, fever, cough, and burning throat.

It is always advisable to consult a doctor, but you can help your body with some home remedies. In this content, I have a list of infusions with medicinal plants that will surely help you to reduce or completely fight the flu.

  1. Peppermint

You already knew that peppermint has menthol, so it is commonly used to treat sore throats and eliminate annoying cough. It is also a vasodilator, which means that it helps to decongest the sinuses so that you can breathe better.

  1. Echinacea

One option to cure a cold quickly is to combine an infusion of echinacea with propolis. This kind of resin made by bees has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that, combined with those of echinacea, enhance the body’s defenses to fight viruses and bacteria. If you combine it well with elderberries, it will also help for colds, flu, cough, otitis, pharyngitis, and any infection or virus.

  1. Ginger root

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that help to relieve the flu and asthmatic or dry cough as some of the anti-inflammatory components relax the membranes of the airways. In turn, it contains analgesic, antipyretic, and antibacterial properties that help fight the flu. For a delicious flavor, you can take it with cinnamon.

  1. Eucalyptus

For its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and expectorant properties; eucalyptus is another of the medicinal plants recommended for diseases that affect the respiratory tract such as colds, flu, or asthma. Usually, a couple of leaves per cup of boiling water are infused for about 8 minutes.

  1. Elderflower

It is antiviral for this reason it has the ability to suppress the infection. Elderflower is especially useful for preventing colds; It helps to lower fever, to restore mucous membranes, and thanks to its antirheumatic properties it is also good to relieve muscle aches and general discomfort caused by the disease. Elderflowers are usually taken as an infusion combined with plantain that reduces irritation of the mucous membranes. Two to three hot cups a day are recommended; This infusion has a sweet and honeyed taste that pleases many.

  1. Mullein

It is an ideal medicinal plant to relieve sore throats or colds. If you have a respiratory illness such as cough, flu or bronchitis; mullein tea is ideal. It is native to Mexico and can be found in temperate climates. Taking an infusion in the morning is going to become a powerful remedy to treat any flu or cold. This is because it is a medicinal plant with analgesic properties and therefore it can help us to treat irritations of the respiratory tract such as pharyngitis or laryngitis.

  1. Thyme

Thanks to its antibacterial power; Thyme is an option to fight the infection that is behind the cold and also reduces the fever. Helps clear airways and relieve throat irritation. You can take it as is in infusion or also gargle to calm the throat and decongest.

  1. Salvia

The infusion of sage leaves is used to eliminate viruses, calm coughing episodes, and reduce inflammation. It also has a tonic and astringent effect that helps relieve headaches that often accompany a cold. For each cup, put a tablespoon of sage leaves and boil over low heat for about 4 minutes. Then it is removed from the heat, let it infuse for another 10 minutes, and strain. For the palate its taste is bitter, you can combine it with honey and cinnamon. If you want to multiply its benefits, add a little lemon juice.

Medicinal herbs are not infallible wonders, but they can be a valuable help to prevent the flu and colds that you suffer from each change of season. However, do not forget to consult your doctor before any symptoms of illness.

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