10 tips to stay active and healthy while working from home

active and healthy from home

10 tips to stay active and healthy while working from home

Physical activity and adequate nutrition are essential to take care of our health, which is a priority for everyone today. Working from home should not be an impediment to neglecting these aspects. Therefore, María Mercedes Saravia, director of the Human Medicine career at USIL, together with Patrick Cazorla, surgeon, and resident of Sports Medicine, shares ten particular tips to stay active and healthy, not lose muscle mass:

1. Do cardiovascular and muscle strength exercises: You can dance or jog frequently inside your home. Between 150 to 300 minutes per week is sufficient. Also, include strength exercises in your routine two to three times a week with your own weight, yoga sessions, or with tools you have at home, such as resistance bands.

2. Reduce sedentary behavior with active breaks: do not lie down or sit all day. You can work on your computer for a few minutes while standing up and increase the number of steps so that you are always on the move. Also, consider taking active breaks. You can set your alarm every hour to do 10 push-ups or 20 squats, for example.

3. Do not confuse physical hunger with emotional hunger: many times, out of boredom, we eat hypercaloric foods that contribute to fat gain at any time. It is better to avoid them.

4. Do not follow any fad diet: It is always better to go to a trained professional, who will tell you what macro and micronutrients you need to stay healthy.

diet for active and healthy

5.  Consumption of proteins and vegetables: In the three or four main meals, always include a serving of protein, such as egg, chicken, or meat. This consumption is essential to maintain muscle mass. Also, increase the consumption of vegetables in all your meals. Remember that the more colors, the more variety of micronutrients you will get in your diet.

6. Foods from natural sources: choose them over ultra-processed, packaged, or bagged foods.

7. Avoid consuming liquid calories:  skip sweetened, synthetic, and carbonated drinks. During quarantine, at least, replace them with water.

8. Moderate alcohol consumption: alcohol damages the immune system in the short and long term and provides empty calories. Always avoid its excess.

9. Don’t be obsessed with losing weight now: If you gain a few pounds during your quarantine, don’t worry, you’ll have time to regain your ideal weight later. Our main mission now is to take care of ourselves and others.

10. Take care of sleep hygiene: it is not advisable to stay up. Maintain a good sleep pattern to avoid losing muscle mass and gaining fat. Always sleep at the same time.

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