Morning, afternoon or evening: When is it better to workout?

better to workout

Morning, afternoon or evening: When is it better to workout?

Endless hours in the gym without result, critical areas that leave us no respite and wasted subscriptions in the gym? Try to change your workout times and over time, the positive effects of your fitness activity will be truly visible to everyone.

It seems strange to say, but cryobiology teaches us precisely that sport has different effects depending on the time when it is practiced. Our body, in fact, is regulated by the famous cardian rhythm, which like a metronome, marks the times of our days, in perfect synchrony with the natural cycle of day and night.

And unfortunately, if physical activity is not planned on the needs of our internal clock it can be ineffective. Or, even, useless. In short, goodbye laziness, make room on the agenda to put sport at the right time of your busy days. So let’s see when and how to train.

Morning workout for weight loss

If the goal is to lose extra pounds and start a real weight loss program, choose to play sports in the morning. And you will be really satisfied with it.

Between 6 and 8, in our body there is a very low level of sugars, due to long hours of fasting. In addition, there is also the release of the famous cortisol, the so-called awakening hormone and GH, growth hormone, both active in the process of lipolysis, or in the consumption of fats.

Therefore, it is easy to deduce that in this time slot (yes, it is very early, but it will only be a matter of habit) all cardio, aerobic and activities focused on intense weight loss should take place.

Ah, no breakfast before putting on your running shoes. Postpone the appointment with cappuccino and brioche once the training session is over. At this time, in fact, eating is essential to recover all the energy spent after the labors and the night fast. If you were to skip the first meal of the day, it will only be worse for you. The physical, in shortage of energy, will slow down the metabolism, without weight loss. And training in the gym or running in any weather will be a waste of time.

Afternoon workout for toned legs and sculpted arms

After making his first appearance in the early hours of the morning, around 5pm the old and dear testosterone returns to visit us. With him, adrenaline also knocks on the door, that hormone to be exploited to the fullest to have the right charge and energy to face the workout.

So, at the start all those strengthening and muscle toning jobs, given the maximum concentration of hormones that promote them and that improve fatigue resistance.

The first and second afternoon are also the moments of the day when the muscles are more elastic and at their maximum efficiency. Well, if you are wondering when to train with weights, you have found the answer. Yes to high loads in the afternoon. Be careful, however, if your time dedicated to fitness is the very first afternoon, it is advisable to have a snack an hour before training and postpone the meal to a completed session.

Evening workout is unwind

In the evening green light for stretching, stretching and muscle relaxation, to drive away the stress accumulated during the day. Never overload your body with a view to sleep!

After 19, in fact, the rhythms of our body change, preparing us for night’s rest. Body temperature drops and hormone levels drop. However, that too often this is the only pseudo-free moment of our day. So rather than not doing it, it is always better to go to the gym at this hour, there is no doubt.

Go there, of course, perhaps expecting a moment of stretching and cool-down at the end of the session and, why not, a nice warm, fragrant and relaxing bath. However, if you train in the evening, it is always better to always provide a couple of hours between the workout and the time to abandon ourselves to the embrace of the sheets. It will benefit the quality of your sleep.

Obviously, if the agenda is overcrowded and we are able to devote ourselves to the swimming pool, running or gym (at any time or time of day!), the goal of doing, sport has still been achieved, and we can already be satisfied with ourselves. By planning our work-sport-home plan, however, the results will be much better.

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