Three strategies that will help you increase your longevity

increase your longevity

Three strategies that will help you increase your longevity

There are certain geographic areas known as “blue zones” in which dwell a high percentage of people over the hundred years.

It has been observed that people who manage to reach this age maintain certain habits in common, which have precisely been shown to be very effective in showing longevity, and they are the following.

Prioritize fish and plant-based foods

Plant-based foods are the main source of food for the inhabitants of the blue zones (since many of them are dedicated to agriculture).

In many of these places, they only eat meat once a week, and in some cases, this does not even happen since many of them follow vegan or vegetarian diets.

The basis of the diet in these places are fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and legumes, and in the background, they also resort to dairy, eggs, and fish, which is also a food group relatively common in their diet.

Resort to olive oil

Without a doubt, the main source of fat in the diet of residents of the blue zones is olive oil.

Olive oil is a food that can help fight cardiovascular diseases and provides a large number of polyphenols, which are antioxidant compounds that help delay cellular aging.

Obviously, it is not recommended that you go overboard with this food as it is very caloric, but using it as a dressing for your dishes can certainly be a very successful option.

Keeping stress at bay

Chronic stress is very harmful to our health both short and long term, and certainly an element with great potential to reduce our longevity.

In the blue zones, a high degree of physical activity is maintained, but they always reserve one day a week for rest and to socialize and relax with their loved ones.

In fact, these people always eat in the company of their friends and family, spending time with them and avoiding eating in a hurry and running.

They are also regularly in contact with nature, and of course, they take advantage of this to breathe fresh air and to expose their skin to sunlight.

In addition, the inhabitants of the blue zones do not consume drugs, and this point is very important since alcohol or tobacco can also promote premature aging.

Finally, they also do not live pending the alarm clock since they maintain a regular sleep schedule and tend to stay away from electronic devices (especially at night), which helps them to squeeze the most of their sleep time.

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