Designers tackle the challenge of creating scrubs for the 21st Century

Nurses experience more traumatic events in a week than most people will see in a lifetime.  With the rapid growth of the aging population and shortage of caregivers, nurses are increasingly being asked to do more, with less.

A collaborative project to design a next generation inpatient health experience.

What would a patient room look like if the architecture, products, technology, and medical processes were all designed in unison? With support from the Department of Defense, NXT partnered with Clemson University’s Healthcare + Architecture Graduate Program to begin answering this question.

A conceptual installation to create a vision for 21st Century patient care.

Patient Room 2020 is a collaborative design for a next-generation inpatient care environment the strives to improve patient experiences and optimize caregiver performance. Patient Room 2020 provides a platform for design professionals to collaborate with industry partners, healthcare providers and thought leaders in order to generate comprehensive design solutions.